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As COVID-19 spreads I would like everyone to know that I will do my part to help the situation and hinder the spreading of the virus.

- August 31 2021 - Will be 2 weeks after my 2nd shot.

- I am going to limit my work to the exterior of buildings as much as possible to limit human to human contact, with the exception of emergencies such as leaks or broken door lock etc.

- Keeping hand sanitizer and a hand washing station in my vehicle. I have a large water bottle I will keep full and a bottle of dish soap. If I cannot find hand sanitizer I will make it, even if it is a spray bottle with bleach water.

- I will be keeping a bottle of bleach water in my truck to sanitize tools, door handles, steering wheel, etc.

- If I am not working i am locked up in my house like everyone else.

- If you have any suggestions I am all ears. My email is

During this time I realize a lot of people are not working, if you or a loved one has an emergency repair, a potential health hazard or something that jeopardizes safety or security pop up suddenly I will do my best to help, whether it be postpone payment, reduced payment or a "Pay it forward" agreement (free). Examples include things like cannot flush toilet, leak over your bed, water pipe flooding, cannot secure exterior door, etc. i would hate to think that during this isolation/self quarantine that someone was forced to stay inside and cannot use the toilet, so don't hesitate to call.

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