1099 Contract Labor 


Welcome to my hiring page and job application. If you like working with your hands and producing good quality work and gain satisfaction knowing the job is done right then you came to the right place. Please read the entire page and look over my website to get a feel of what I do. If your still interested fill out the form.

I made this page to hopefully make it easier on me when looking for help. In this line of business it seems like the jobseekers come out of the woodwork no matter what level experience. Maybe this will help narrow it down so the process doesn't waste my or your time. I may start a little low in pay but I believe in paying a person their worth, if you make my company money, you will make money. I also believe in giving bonuses at the end of jobs that go well and is profitable. Please understand the reason for starting low and moving up, in this business everyone thinks "I can do that" , so I go through 10 people before finding 1, no joke, 10 or more. Honesty is the best policy here, if you are not honest now how can I expect honesty in the future? One cannot "Fake it till they make it" with me.

When I look for help I look for someone who is honest and trustworthy of course, but I also want someone who is going to take the job serious. I only do top quality work and nothing less, if that means I have to re-do everything one of my workers did, then that's what I am going to do, so following directions is one of the most important things with me. If you cannot follow directions then you will not be much good to me. In question 11 on the form below simply put "I read this page and looked over your website", you need not put anything else for that line. I do a lot of research everyday, I want my jobs to be able to pass a surprise inspection at any moment. That doesn't mean I am not open for suggestions however. 

What is expected of you:

- Quality of work - No matter what level of expertise you have I will be looking for someone who cares about their work, cares about if it is done right and looks good even if it is something that is not desirable to do. I do all kinds of work so there will be un-desirable jobs, that is just part of it. I have seen 30 yrs experience do crappy work. Crappy work will have you looking for another job quicker than anything. 

- Politeness. You must be polite to the customer and anyone on the job. If you are rude, snippy, wise guy to any of my customers or their guests will mean immediate dismissal. That doesn't mean they are to boss you or tell you what to do work wise (other than rules in their home, etc). If there is a problem talk to me or politely ask them ask them to consult me.

- Follow instructions. You must do things the way I want, there is a reason everyone loves my work. I will not tell you how to hold the screwgun but if I want a screw every 12 inches then there needs to be one every 12 inches. If you have an idea or know a different way I am all ears, please speak up, but I have final say. 

- Punctual. Show up on time on the days we agree on. 

I have a small quiz, 10 questions, that anyone with 1 or more years of experience working on homes or construction should be able to answer easily. No phone or internet use. Don't worry, it is easy if you have done this kind of work. This will be taken in person by hand.

Please fill out the application below