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1099 Contract Labor


Welcome to my hiring page and job application. If you like working with your hands and producing good quality work and gain satisfaction knowing the job is done right then you came to the right place. Please read the entire page and look over my website to get a feel of what I do. If your still interested fill out the application.

I don't always require experience but when I do I get a lot of people saying they can do things when they cannot. Let me explain something, this is not the screw-off shop class you took back in high school for an easy A. I am not a decorator hanging up curtains and assembling Amazon book shelves. This is real work, a lot of it is hard work. If you have no or little experience in drywall finishing for example, I will know before you even touch the wall. This is not something "anybody" can do. Painting your grandmother's house last summer does not qualify as experience.

I only do top quality work and nothing less, I research and watch videos on things I have 20 years experience in, you never know when a new product, technique, or tool is out. If I ask you to watch a video it is not an insult. Nobody knows it all and I stay open for suggestions myself.

What is expected of you:

- Quality of work - No matter what level of expertise you have I require someone who cares about their work, cares about if it is done right and looks good even if it is something that is not desirable to do. I do all kinds of work so there will be un-desirable jobs, that is just part of it. I have seen 30 yrs experience do crappy work. If your not sure, ask, I will never get angry for asking, I will get angry at "Fake it till I make it" logic.

- Be Polite. You must be polite to the customer and anyone on the job. If you are rude, snippy, wise guy to any of my customers or their guests will mean immediate dismissal. That doesn't mean they are to boss you or tell you what to do work wise (other than rules in their home, etc). If there is a problem talk to me.

- Follow instructions. You must do things the way I want, there is a reason everyone loves my work. I will not tell you how to hold the screwgun but if I want a screw every 12 inches then there needs to be one every 12 inches. If you have an idea or know a different way I am all ears, please speak up, but I have final say. 

- Punctual. Show up on time on the days we agree on.

- Stay busy You have a paid 15 minute break in the morning and afternoon, other than that and lunch you need to stay busy, if you can't think of something to do first ask me if you can, if I am busy or something clean up trash or organize tools, sweep or something.


- Blacklist. I have a blacklist of names. These I will not consider. For example, people who have filled out an application and I reach out to them, left messages, etc and they don't bother to respond. People who don't show up for an interview or first day of work. People who have quit and not told me, just quit showing up. This is a private list.

Please fill out the application below

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