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House in need of some repairs but cannot afford it?

When people have their house remodeled they replace a lot of stuff, a lot of the things they replace are still good but they no longer have a need for them so they either know someone that wants the stuff or they just want it gone. I can't hardly make myself throw out perfectly good things so I keep a lot of it and either use it or find someone who will. Things like cabinets, sinks, appliances, doors, windows, ceiling fans, lights, etc. etc

I decided this is one way I may be able to give back to the community, I am putting these items up for low income folks who might need something but cannot afford to go buy it. Need to replace broken or wore out doors, cracked or beat up sinks, etc? I may just have it. I will describe them accurately and honestly you can decide if it is an upgrade to your home or not. At no cost to you.


To keep people honest I may require to see proof of income and/or see where the item is needed. If I need to see I will deliver for free. I can also arrange delivery for those who cannot pick up. This is NOT stuff to grab up and sell on craigslist or anywhere. If you do that you might as well take it from the hands of those who will use it but cannot afford it. 

You must own your home and have it homesteaded.

If you see something you need please fill out form below. This is only for people that need it but cannot afford it. Your personal info will be kept anonymous, you have my word.

Click on pictures to enlarge them

bathroom sink

1. Bathroom sink, solid surface (no cabinet or plumbing) 

Kitchen sink

2. Stainless steel kitchen sink, very good condition. 33 inches by 22 inches (standard size)

Pedestal sink
Pedestal sink

3) Pedestal sink, the faucet was good when sink was removed from house.

interior flat doors

4) Flat interior doors, good condition, most of them have the handles and hinges. Different sizes, no 36 inch.

5) Big Mirror

This is a 1/4 inch thick very large mirror, about 6 feet tall. Some of the silver is peeling around the edge, not much. Otherwise in good condition.

6) Hand grab rails

7) Light fixture. God condition.

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