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My very first customers


I have worked on this kitchen for a few years now, doing a little or a lot at a time. Right now it looks and operates almost like a totally different kitchen now, check it out. 

It started out as scraping the popcorn 

ceiling, fixing cracks in the drywall and replacing the trim. When I finished they had me do the rest of the house (Another story). Plus they had me go ahead and re-finish the cabinets in the kitchen as well. Over the years I have done lots and lots of work on their house and I believe the kitchen has recieved most of the attention.  Some of the things done in the kitchen include - Repainting the walls again, painting the stained cabinets white, installing new guides on the drawers, the full extend soft close guides, Adding box drawers inside the cabinets (10), re-routing the vent-a-hood to vent outside, whitewash the brick wall, adding floating shelves on the brick wall, tilt out drawers, etc.

The kitchen doesn't even look the same, for details of the entire process over the years can be seen here. at Pat and Jerry's Kitchen.

Cabinet Modification

They wanted the old cooktop and cabinet oven gone and a floor model range installed. This took a little modification of the cabinets to get it done and made to look as if they were built this way originally. They also wanted a new granite countertop.

The homeowner opted to do the backsplash himself so i don't have those pictures.

More of this process can be viewed in their album.

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