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Seeking online advise about contractors?

Whether or not you was looking for advise on contractors you have probably came across websites that give you warning signs, do's and don'ts, etc about contractors if you have researched remodeling at all. There is a lot of good advise out there, but just like bad contractors there is also bad advise on contractors. Here is some of the things you might not want to listen to, some things you definitely need to ignore and some you need to just use common sense. A lot of these websites are just click bait, meaning they make money on ads and just need you to click their site. Alot of "click baits" really don't have a clue.

One of the things I have learned is if they start out with "This is going to anger a lot of contractors". That is because it is probably true, they are going to anger ALL the good ones for sure because most of the time those are the ones that group all contractors as being the same. Saying things like "if you do this your contractor will do that", making us all look like we will take you if given the chance, which is going to anger the good ones. Contractors are people just like everyone else, some will and some won't do whatever it is. If they group us all together, probably not worth reading.

I have emailed websites on many occasions to correct what they have as "advise" but all that did was waste my time, they didn't care if they were being factual or not, so long as people clicked on their pages. (Notice I do not have any ads on my site) So I will say this - The ones that get angry with what I have to say are probably the ones with misgiving information. So let's get on with it shall we?

- Do not let your contractor use leftover materials from another job. They don't specify, they just say don't. Well I agree with certain things, like you don't want to see workers pulling nails from used lumber, or re-using any used lumber. But what about partial boxes of nails, never used, or screws? What about un-opened tubes of caulking? Adhesives? Paint primers, whether open or not, if it's good primer? If we need 1/2 sheet of sheetrock we have to go buy a brand new full sheet when we have 1/2 piece never used in perfect shape? If we need a little concrete we can't use a bag we already have? Concrete anchors still in the package, drywall anchors, rolls of insulation, un used plug boxes? If we need 10 ft of wiring and have a un-used half a roll, we have to go buy a full roll? The list goes on and on. Stains and finishes? Un-used never been touched lumber? We have paid for it, just because we have it doesn't mean it was free.

- Don't allow your contractor to give allowances. Meaning, like lets say you haven't picked out the tile for your shower yet and I put in the bid the tiled shower is going to be this much with a $2.50 per square foot allowance on the tile. Well in order to not give an allowance you would have to have the exact tile picked out BEFORE I even write up a bid. The same goes with bathroom fixtures, cabinet knobs, kitchen faucets, cieling fans, flooring, etc. Which is fine by me, I can make a bid with no alowances but all that stuff will have to be picked out, wrote down, the exact brand, color and style before the bid is made up. Prices for these items vary a great deal. Or you can give me a price range you can afford and you can go pick out the items at your leisure, with a spending allowance, this one the choice is yours really.

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