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     When contacting me please keep this in mind.


     Please be patient when trying to contact me, Right now I am working and living alone so that means I have to do everything myself, go look at jobs, go over what they want done, make the bids, get material prices, figure up labor, go get the materials, search for hard to find materials, answer the phone, talk to clients, all the while trying to get as much work done as I can on the job at hand. Then there is all the SPAM or unsolicited phone calls all day long.
     Then when I take off for the day I will stop at the store to get materials for the next day, get home and clean out the truck and get it ready for the next day. I live alone so all the house and yard work is all mine to do, paying bills, clean myself up, make dinner. It is during this time I will try to return or make phone calls so I don’t slow down progress at work. 
      Then comes the weekend. When everyone gets one or two days off right? Wrong, I try to reserve the weekends to go look at jobs and gather materials because if I do that during the week I would get very little done on the job at hand. With no help when I stop, production stops.
       So, when trying to get ahold of me .please remember how insanely busy I am and please try to be patient, there is going to be some call I miss, some messages that get pushed down, an overlooked email, etc. I will let you on to a little secret though, I tend to notice text messages faster than the other ways and don’t think just one attempt is plenty, repeat messages tend to grab my attention as well. Also please give it some time before giving up, I may be in an attic or under a house, a lot of times I don’t have my phone will me for fear of breaking it. 

(If the "Text" button does not work 

just send a text to: 903 819 4964)

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