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Before and After Pictures
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Major Repairs

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The ceiling in this Men's restroom was falling in and had several cracks and peeling tape joints. It had a few repairs done to it in the past so there was different textures to try and match. With a ceiling like this, the only way to really perfect it would be either re-sheetrock it or skim it smooth and retexture. They wanted a decent match so that is what I did. I did have to replace 1 sheet though.

Note: It is very difficult to hide repairs when dealing with heavy texture like this. There is only so much you can do.

Example of sheetrock falling down due to improper fastening, the edge that is sagging was too far away from the ceiling joist to get screws to hold it permanently. So I replaced it properly. 

This was part of a restoration I was doing,notice the unpainted crown molding in the last picture. 

While Most people are trying to get out from

under popcorn textured ceilings there are those who would rather just

have it patched and be done with it

popcorn ceiling tapd and bedded
Holes in popcorn ceiling
No problem! I can make patches in popcorn ceilings disappear as well. There is hardly a texture I cannot match, and of the ones I didn't know how they were applied, you probably would not want anyway, looked like big messes to me. 
finished popcor ceiling repair
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