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If you are a local business, have done business with me or know me please feel free to inquire about exchanging links to our websites. Otherwise please do not send me form letters asking me to add your website. I am not going to fill this page up with ambulance chaser and law firm websites, thank you.


My Brother's website, he owns Measure Up Remodeling, servicing the Tyler and Lake Palestine area. Top quality work, I guarantee it.

Cactus River is a friends store out at Midway Mall. They have lots of cool stuff. Great place to go gift shopping! 


This is where I get my cards, shirts, car signs and hats from. Quality merchandise at reasonable prices and they always have specials going. If you click the logo to the left they give me free voucher if you buy a certain amount. Or if you do not wish to do that you can click here instead - 


"Homewyse is a vendor neutral, comprehensive online reference for the house and home." They make it easy for homeowners to check and see if a contractor is over or under charging. 

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