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Video's and Tutorials

Here is where I am putting most of my videos so they will be organized and easier to find whether or not I use them elsewhere on my website. I make these videos so I can demonstrate how I do certain things in detail in case a client wants to know exactly what is going on in their home or to help teach people that may not know how to do something. Even show the wrong way of doing something. 

For even more videos my youtube channel is here - Chip's Remodeling Youtube


Butterfly patch


How to do a small drywall patch in detail, about 18 or 20 minutes long. Doing the patch takes me about 5 minutes but here I explain it so anyone can do it. Below is a short video on it.

Butterfly Patch (short)


Here is a shorter video on the butterfly patch if you don't need all the details.

The purpose for skim coating is when you want to change textures, you have to skim over the old texture or wallpaper glue, etc to make the surface smooth again for retexturing or leaving a flat smooth finish. 

Me just goofing off, I made texture and splattered it on the wall and knocked it down, that's why it is called a knock-down texture. Don't believe everything I say in the video, lol.

This is a detailed tutorial on how to tape, bed and texrture drywall. Everyone has their own method, this is mine. I do not like to sand so when I am done, very little, if any sanding is required.


This pro-trick will show how I get ruler straight lines when cutting in paint next to door jambs. It is practically flawless. It still takes practice however.


Measuring for crown miolding alone

If you ever tried to measure for crown molding by yourself then you know the dilemma is real. Here I show you how I do it.

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