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Whether it is refurbishing an old deck or building a deck from scratch my decks are built to last, conforming to AWC (American Wood Council) standards. They have and will pass city inspection the first time. The AWC is the leading authority on deck building. You can view their guide here (in PDF format) - DCA 6 - Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide.

For more info and an explanation as to why there are strict rules to deck construction and details on how I construct my decks please see my Deck Building page.

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Hull St. Deck

In this kitchen there was a door, it led nowhere, so it was the perfect place for a deck! The floor layout is a page from the shop drawings I made. To see the entire process click here

deck outsie kitchen, door to deck, deck
deck, kitchen deck, wood deck
wood deck, deck, outdoor deck, deck outside kitchen

Brandi's Deck

The deck above is a freestanding deck, meaning that it is not attached to the house. With pre-manufactured homes and mobile house you are not supposed to attach the deck to the home. The steps are box steps because I am to go back at a later date an make them wrap around the deck. This will make it easier, then the deck will have steps on all three sides. For many more pictures and details see Brandi's Deck page.

porch remodel
porch addition chip's remodeling
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