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Drywall Repair

Also known as sheetrock, I am an expert at finishing new drywall, repairing damaged drywall, drywall patches and texture matching. I can make repairs literally disappear without a trace  

This video is very detailed, it is a tutorial for a beginner. I go into detail about every step of the drywall patch so it is understood why each step is important. I can actually do one of these patches in about 5 minutes where this video is 18 minutes long.

If the video above is too long for you, here is a picture tutorial of the same type of patch, if you have never tried patching you might want to watch the video. Off to the Small Drywall Patch 

This video I am showing how I tape, bed and texture new drywall. I show how I do corners, corner bead, screw holes and everything. When I am done very little sanding is needed even for the smallest texture or flat wall finish. It is about 25 minutes long.

This roof leak was difficult to diagnose, there was no water stains in the attic, no trace of damage with the exception of the sheetrock itself. I ruled out air duct condensation because it only leaked during the rain whether the air conditioner was on or off. It was a mystery! To find out what caused it click the picture or see the Flowing Wells Album.

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