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There is no General Contractors Licence in Texas

I see it on websites all the time, they are giving advise on hiring contractors but do not know the facts. Because of this I get asked if I have a contractors licence, I then have to explain who is and isn't required and that you can not even get a general contractor's, handyman's or remodeling licence in Texas. Texas simply does not issue them. Here it is in a nutshell -


In Texas, only certain types of specialty contractors are required to get licensed. General contractors do not need to get a statewide license, but might need to meet certain requirements imposed by local authorities.


HVAC specialists, fire sprinkler systems contractors, plumbers, electricians and water well drillers and pump installers, all need to obtain a proper license from the relevant authority that regulates their trade. In other words, there is no unified Texas contractor license board.

I can't help but wonder how many people did not call me back because they chose to believe the website and not me. These websites are doing exactly what they are warning people about, misleading people by giving false information.

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