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More about my Services 

I am doing some changes but I left the original part of the page here, it is just down there a little ways.

Would you like to see my Before and After photos instead? Please go to my Albums


Whether it is leaking faucets or a full remodel I can do the job. From demo to completion, I can do minor makeovers to building dream bathrooms.





Need a new sink or disposal? Replacing the linoleum or laying tile? Is it more cabinet space your looking for? Whatever it is I can help.



Sheetrock Repair​

I am an expert at sheet rock repairs, I can make cracks and patches literally disappear. Nobody will ever know it was patched or fixed.  




Texture Matching

I can match any traditional textures, even most non-traditional ones. If I cannot identify a texture it is because it was probably made up.



Doors and Windows

Need new windows and/or doors? I can take out the 
old and install the new. I can do all new doors, jamb
and trim or I can just replace the door itself and
leave the trim in-tack.

Preventative Maintenance 

A little money now can save you a lot in the future. Failing to do preventative maintenance is the main reason for rotted wood, mold, etc. See more. 




I am a Pro Painter, I was Foreman for 2 large paint companies, both commercial/industrial and residential. I know the proper prep work and applications.




Exterior wood, siding and trim

The exterior of homes often get neglected until wood has already started to decay. I can replace fascia to repairing entire walls from rot or termite damage. 



Low Income

I want to be able to help low income families, that own their home, make necessary repairs and upkeep that they may not be able to afford and/or know how to do.

Would you like to see my Before and After photos? Please go to my Albums

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